Logiwaste launches mobile waste collection solutions. First contracts signed.

Logiwaste expands with a business area for mobile waste collections solutions. By that, Logiwaste offers the same opportunity for efficient and hygienic waste management for small and medium-sized properties as for larger residential areas. In a short time, Logiwaste has taken its first orders of mobile waste collection solutions.

Logiwaste expanded its portfolio of system solutions with another business area during the year. In addition to stationary vacuum waste collection solutions, mobile solutions are now included in the range. In most cases, the two systems target different customer groups and complement each other and thereby reinforce Logiwaste's customer offering. Mobile vacuum waste collection solutions is especially suited to smaller apartment buildings and nursing homes.

A number of contracts for mobile solutions in a short period of time.
Logiwaste has since the launch been given a flying start in the effort of mobile vacuum waste collection. In a short period of time, the company has contracted a number of mobile solutions in both Norway and Sweden.

"It is clearly a growing area with significant potential for our part. In our contacts with customers, we are increasingly seeing a demand for such a waste system. The innovation-driven culture we have at Logiwaste has enabled us to develop flexible solutions that provide customers with added value in terms of reliability, longevity and quality. The launch of mobile systems naturally brings increased competitiveness, but the big winners are still customers who now have more options in their choice of waste solutions. " Says David Miró Lindberg, who is responsible for the new business area at Logiwaste.

"In the same way we have a complete service offer for stationary solutions, we can of course offer our customers a comprehensive service solution for mobile systems," says Logiwastes Service Manager Tony Lettfält, who continues. "As we have staff with long experience from mobile systems, it is not only our own deliveries that we can provide service for. We can offer this to all mobile vacuum waste collection solutions on the market, just like stationary solutions. "

This is mobile vacuum waste collection
The technology is closely related to stationary solutions and they share in some parts technology. Unlike stationary solutions, mobile systems use a storage tank as intermediate storage instead of pipe sections and valves. In a mobile solution, the waste is transported directly to a suction vehicle via a docking point while the waste bags in stationary systems are transported into a terminal with containers.

The advantages of the two systems is however the same. With a mobile vacuum waste collection solution, smaller areas can gain access to the benefits that Logiwastes larger stationary system offers in terms of efficient waste management, a cleaner environment and reduced heavy traffic in the immediate area.
On the outside - for the user to throw their waste, mobile systems do not differ significantly from the stationary equivalent. The user still sees only the waste inlet where the waste bags are thrown.

For more information about mobile vacuum waste collection solutions, contact:
David Miró Lindberg
Head of Business Area
Mobile Waste Collection System
Tel: +46 (0)70 204 00 87
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