Löwenström hospital

The hospital’s existing AVAC system has been in operation since the mid-1960s. An obsolete control system and long vacuum pipework runs were the main cause of high energy costs. The operating costs arising from having to deal with problems on inlet covers were a further issue.

The contract included the installation of a new terminal and new control system integrated in the existing pipework and valve room equipment so as to modernise the system and reduce the operating costs in the hospital. The hospital’s old inlets were replaced with new ones with an RFID locking system, pre-configured and adapted for the MIFARE standard. The new installation has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the amount of energy used, as well as significantly reducing the frequency of alarms from inlets and the operating costs associated with the latter.

A clearly laid-out web-based user interface ensures easy and efficient monitoring and control of the system.

Project information

Country: Sweden
Location: Upplands Väsby
Areas of use: Hospital
Number of hospital beds: 200
Project time frame: 2009-2010


Project data

Type of system: Stationary vacuum system
Number of fractions: 2
Type of fraction: Waste, Laundry 
Quantity of waste: 200 tonnes/year
Number of inlets: 42
Number of valves: 16
Pipe dimension 500 mm