Karolinska Hospital

The Karolinska Hospital is the biggest construction project ever procured by the City of Stockholm and is also one of the biggest and most innovative health care projects in the world. New Karolinska Solna University Hospital will provide specialist health care in close conjunction with training and research activities.

Logiwaste is under contract to supply the hospital with three different systems. An AVAC system, a kitchen waste system and a system for handling laundry. The total quantity of waste the hospital will generate is equivalent to that of a residential estate with around 6,000 apartments. The waste will be discarded via more than 200 fully automatic inlets, so as to deal with four different waste fractions from eight different main buildings and a hotel. Logiwaste’s winning concept in this prestige contract is based on a combination of innovation and cost-effective sustainable solutions.


Project information

Country: Sweden
Location: Solna
Areas of use: Hospital
Number of hospital beds: 800
Project time frame: 2011-2017

Project data

Type of system: Stationary AVAC system
Number of fractions: 4
Type of fraction: Residual waste, paper, plastic and as yet 
undetermined fraction
Quantity of waste: 2,400 tonnes/year
Number of inlets: 223
Number of valves: 64
Pipe dimension 500 mm
Pipe length, metres: 1,300 m