Logiwaste supplies automated waste and laundry collection system to Uppsala University Hospital

In the project of the Uppsala University Hospital - Akademiska sjukhuset, the hospital will be expanded by 60,000 new square meters of hospital space by 2022 and rebuild an additional 80,000 square meters. Logiwaste supplies the system that will automatically handle and collect hospital waste and laundry both in the new and existing premises.

As part of the construction project, the old environmental station has been rebuilt so that it can meet today's and the future needs in environmental management. The new environmental station will also include the terminal for the hospitals automatic waste and laundry collection system.

Logiwaste has been commissioned to deliver the new system that will handle the waste and laundry at the hospital. The contract was signed by Thomas Andersson, CEO at Logiwaste and Thomas Thunblom at Region Uppsala.

The system Logiwaste supplies includes a terminal for both waste and laundry collection, a pipe system and about 100 inlets through which the staff easily and conveniently will be able to dispose of waste and laundry.

The waste and laundry are each disposed through separate inlets. At the terminal, the waste is compacted in containers to provide a high collection rate and to minimize the number of container transports from the terminal. The laundry is collected and automatically distributed into laundry trolleys before further handling.

The development of the hospital is part of providing a safe and secure healthcare of the highest quality for patients in the future. The automatic waste and laundry collection system is part of this and contributes to a hygienic environment with greatly reduced handling of bags in corridors and in the departments.

Thomas Andersson says in a comment "We look forward to being part of this project. By automating the management of waste and laundry the logistic flow will be streamlined and staff will also get a modern, hygienic and environmentally good system to work with".


For more information, contact:

Mats Höijertz
Sales Manager, Logiwaste
+46 (0)70 471 11 26