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Working Environment Policy

Safety and work environment are Logiwastes’ top priorities and continuous improvements of the physical and social work environment are integrated parts of the daily operations. We strive for harmless and healthy workplaces. We see a good working environment as a means of competition to attract and to retain employees, and a good working environment also creates the conditions for creativity, efficiency and motivation.

Within Logiwaste we value and evaluate performance, competence and experience. Gender, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs do not matter either in recruitment or in development at work.

Logiwaste considers current legislation as the bottom limit for our health and safety work. We are positive to and encourage customers and partners to have high expectations and demands on Logiwaste's work environment work.

At Logiwaste, the work environment work means that:

  • we have an active cooperation with, and high demands on, our suppliers of material and services regarding work environment matters
  • all employees are committed to and take responsibility for safety, in all steps. This means that we do not perform any job without first ensuring that it can be carried out safely
  • all employees are given the opportunity to perform a good job through the right competence, support from competent specialists, highly developed work processes and relevant tools
  • organisation, assignment of tasks and roles at Logiwaste are distinct and clear
  • potential risks in design-, planning-, implementation-, and service phases are being identified and managed on an ongoing basis
  • the physical, organisational and social work environments are being examined to manage the required actions to create and obtain a safe work environment
  • CEO, managers and supervisors are responsible for work environment matters that are directly influenced by the decisions they make, as well as ensuring that laws and other requirements are obeyed. The responsibility also includes creating as good a working environment as possible, and to inform the next senior manager when the powers are not enough
  • each employee takes active personal responsibility for safety and health in the daily work, by paying attention to and immediately report risks or threats to a good work environment
  • each employee has the responsibility to follow the instructions and procedures that are established due to health and safety reasons
  • any incidents, accidents or other deviations are reported, corrected and followed up to eliminate the risk for the same incident or accident to reoccur
  • the opportunity for development dialogues is available for all employees to at their own request book a meeting with their immediate supervisor, to follow up on performance, competence development and work environment issues
  • ensure that Logiwaste fulfils its commitment to comply with applicable laws and other requirements
  • abusive discrimination is not accepted at Logiwaste
  • the health- and safety work is carried out in cooperation between employers, employees and safety representatives
  • to constantly improve operations and to constantly work to reduce the impact on the work environment


*Logiwaste refers to the group mother Logiwaste International AB with the subsidiaries Logiwaste Engineering Procurement & Construction AB, Logiwaste Automated Waste Collection Products AB, Logiwaste Service AB, Logiwaste AB. Logiwaste strives to maintain comprehensive policy regulations within the framework of the management systems. In case of ambiguities or lack of individual policy decisions, reference is made to Pamica Groups' current policy documentation.


Upplands Väsby August 31, 2023