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Quality Policy

Logiwaste designs, builds, provides service for and operates systems for automatic collection and handling of waste and laundry. Through our active quality work, which is constantly evolving, increased customer satisfaction and profitability are created.

Our attitude is to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and end users. Based on these, we develop and deliver products, solutions and services that provide value and a positive experience for our customers.

Quality should be provided and secured within the company in our processes as well as in the finished product or delivered service. Quality for us is satisfied stakeholders, and products and services that meet or exceed our customers' and other stakeholders' requirements.

At Logiwaste, the quality work means that:

  • we cooperate actively with, and set high quality requirements on, our subcontractors of materials and services
  • identify the needs, requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders and to have this as a starting point for planning the company operations
  • create innovative and user-friendly customised waste management solutions
  • there is a dedicated management that leads and inspires all employees to engage in quality issues and to take responsibility for their contributions to good quality
  • there is a dedicated management that promotes continuous improvement of business processes, the development of technical solutions, working methods and services
  • all employees are given the opportunity to perform a good job through the right competence, support from competent specialists, highly developed work processes and relevant tools
  • organisation, assignment of tasks and roles at Logiwaste are distinct and clear, as well as responsibilities and powers
  • we will assess and manage quality risks systematically in product development, in our projects and in our service assignments
  • promote good communication, both externally and internally
  • constantly improve, measure and develop the business processes
  • assess risks and opportunities in strategic matters related to the business or its processes
  • continuously investigate and assess the physical, organisational and social work environment to handle the actions needed to create a good workplace


*Logiwaste refers to the group mother Logiwaste International AB with the subsidiaries Logiwaste Engineering Procurement & Construction AB, Logiwaste Automated Waste Collection Products AB, Logiwaste Service AB, Logiwaste AB. Logiwaste strives to maintain comprehensive policy regulations within the framework of the management systems. In case of ambiguities or lack of individual policy decisions, reference is made to Pamica Groups' current policy documentation.

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